In The Black Hawk Hotel’s 168th year, we are proud to add to our legacy with Carter House Market & Café, paying homage to the hotel’s Carter House era of the late 1800s right after the Winslow House era.

Carter House is a neighborhood market & café that has the same commitment to local, fresh food and Midwestern hospitality that you’ve come to know us for. Our deli counter serves takeout-friendly sandwiches, salads, entrees, and fresh pressed juice, and our market shelves will be stocked with the same local ingredients, plus pantry staples, house baked breads, and entertaining-friendly charcuterie boards, wine and beer.

We hope this concept meets folks where they are in COVID and post-COVID times; farm to table becomes farm to lunchbox, to pantry, to picnic, to party! It’s our goal to bring good quality food wherever you are.


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Do you offer indoor dining?

A: Our food is all takeaway-friendly. We package your meal in sustainable takeout boxes, and will provide you with cutlery so you can easily take your food home, back to the office, or on a picnic!

You are also welcome to dine on our patio tables (weather permitting), or in The Black Hawk Hotel lobby next door, where there are tables that seat 2-6. If you have a larger party, give us a call and we’ll help arrange tables to accommodate you.

Are Take & Make meals fully cooked? How do I reheat?

A: Yes, Take & Make meals are fully cooked and ready to reheat and eat. 

Take & Make meals come in a microwave-safe dish. Partially remove the lid to vent, then heat on full power in 1 minute increments until meal is reheated to your liking.

Alternatively, you may remove the meal from its original container, place in an oven safe dish, and bake at 350 degrees, checking the meal’s internal temp every 5-10 minutes.

How many servings are Take & Make meals?

A: Take & Make meal entrees are one (generous) portion. Take & Make sides are two portions.

Do you have vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free/etc options available?

A: Yes! The best way to ensure a menu item meets your dietary needs is to call the shop and speak to one of our staff members who are knowledgeable on how each item is prepared and with what ingredients.

We cannot accommodate customers with food allergies, as we do not have dedicated equipment and cross contamination is possible in a commercial kitchen.

Can I place an order online or in the shop?

A: Yes! The shop is fully open (Tuesday – Sunday, 10 AM – 7 PM). Swing in to place an order or browse our market shelves. You can expect your order to take about 15 minutes to prepare (20-30 during the lunch hour, 11 AM – 1 PM).

You can also place an order online for pick up. All of our cafe menu items and wine are available for order online, and a select few market and retail items are available online.

Go to and click on Place An Order. You’ll be prompted to choose to pick up your order ASAP or to schedule a pick up time. You will also be prompted to let us know if you’d like to pick up by coming into the shop, or have us bring it out to you curbside.

How do curbside orders work?

A: When placing an order online, you will be prompted to let us know whether you’d like to pick it up in the shop, or have us bring it out to you curbside.

If you select curbside, enter the alley off of 2nd Street and pull in the designated pick up spaces. Call us to let us know you’ve arrived. We’ll bring your order right out!

Do you deliver?

A: No, not at this time. We hope to grow into delivery after we get our feet under us a bit!